Working through those goals…

My weekend was actually pretty productive.

1. Giant Granny Sqare Blanket

Giant Granny SquareFirst, I decided that my giant granny square blanket was done This was in part because it was taking a million years to add any length to it, but also because the sides were getting larger, so it wouldn’t lay flat. You can tell from the image that it is starting to ‘ruffle’ around the edges. Although I love the colours in the blanket, I think I might go another route. I will either make the centre into a rectangle (like the one done by VIctoria at yarnroundhook), or make a granny stripe (like the one on Easy Crochet Pattern) instead.

2. Baby Booties

Baby Booties I finished the baby booties from Knitty Gritty: Knitting for the Absolute Beginner. They worked up really quickly. If you choose not to sew them up, the booties would make a great eye mask/ nose warmer (I should have taken a picture of us trying them out)! Well, these are the things that my housemate and I decide when it is freezing in the house. I do actually mean freezing because we had emergency work on the gas, so we only had our little space heater to keep us warm.

3. Vogue 8333 Jacket

Vogue 8333I also pressed my Vogue 8333 jacket. My iron isn’t the best, but this pressing will be good for now. I think I will sew up the lining, then take it to the dry cleaner so they can really give it a proper pressing. I also plan to let the seamstress at the dry cleaner do the buttons for me. My machine only has a straight button hole and I would like a keyhole instead. I did think I would sew them by hand, but I am not sure I really want to do that. We shall see.

It is coming along, but it is one of those sewing projects I knew was going to take ages. Plus I don’t actually need it until it gets a bit warmer.

4. Everything else

I am working on the Art of Crochet issues from Hachette Partworks, all of which are in my Ravelry projects page. I finished up Issue 20’s square, but I am really starting to get tired of them. Part of my boredom stems from the fact that I think I have exhausted the patterns, since they are just repeat patterns over and over again for 158 issues (or something like that)! The other part of the problem is that I don’t really like all of the squares that I have created (either because of my skill level or because the pattern is not something I would choose).

Has anyone else had any experience with the Art of Crochet?  If not, could you recommend some good books which teach you how to crochet through a series of projects?

Next up…

Black Hat


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