I feel like I live in Darjeeling…

I think everyone’s sewing mojo dries up at this time of year. You are in the ‘come down from Christmas, but not to spring’ time of year. It’s still cold out, so knitting still seems like a more sensible activity.

I have stuck to my me-made goals of working on a new pattern each month…well, I technically worked on it. I started grading the pattern to fit me, but stopped before I graded the circle skirt. That is partly because grading up a circle skirt isn’t nearly as easy as adding a centimetre or two to the waist. You have to move the whole waist and hem, so it takes way more time. I also have to do this on the floor, so that isn’t a huge motivation. Plus, we are super busy at work during February because we are doing things like this:


No, I’m not a Viking, but I did run around for a week tweeting/facebooking/instgramming about them.

I did drag my knitting around with me and created a pair of Himalayan Slippers (Find it on Ravelry)! These knitted up really quickly. They are slightly different sizes because I tried a different increase. The first ones are made with a yarn over. Drops have a video note with the pattern which talk about knitting the next row through the back leg (or front for purl rows) to make the holes a bit smaller. For reasons I couldn’t explain, I could never really get that to work. So instead I did a knit front and back to increase. This created a much tighter look and a tighter slipper. I still need to block them because they need some heel shaping, but they are great. I’m not sure that the slippers will be warm enough to wear during the winter (it’s cold in my house), but I am rather proud of them. I even used a Kitchener stitch to sew up the seam along the sole! Go me!


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