What a Hoot!

I love these mittens! There is a freakin’ owl on it!

I am quite proud of myself for these. First, they were made for someone else (who is actually enjoying them and doesn’t care about the beginner mistake issues). Second, they are my first ‘real’ project on double-pointed needles, which I think turned out pretty well. Third, they are my first cabled pattern. Fourth, at the danger of repeating myself, they have a freakin’ owl on them!

I still have a few things to work out when using dpns, like stopping it from laddering at the join (especially where purls are involved).  I should have made a few sizing adjustments, but my friend insists that she likes the way they fit. She sewed on some black seed beads for the eyes.

Check out this pattern on Ravelry. Note that there seem to be 2 versions of the pattern out there. I used the 2×2 rib for the cuff from the ‘old’ pattern, but I cast on the number of stitches in the new version of the pattern and basically stuck to that.  There also seemed to be a decrease round left out of the new version. It was pretty easy to figure out what to do since it follows a set pattern for several rounds.

I think a sock is next on the list.


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