Egg-stravaganza: March Roundup

It has been ages since my last post, but I have finished up a bunch of things since then. I am warning you now that this is a long post!

ZigZag Sock

First, I started my first pair of socks. Check out that ‘in progress’ shot! I can’t say that I am terribly keen on the way the colours of the yarn lined up. Since it is such a short colour change on the yarn, you obviously don’t get a stripe, but a strange 3…which must be the zigzag (as the yarn is named thus).

I finished one sock, which was sort of my ‘test’ sock to make sure I was up on the technique. I will go back and do the next one, but I wanted something that knitted up a bit quicker…so I thought  I would use a bigger yarn.


Next, I  frogged the Himalayan Slippers. The slippers were probably too big for my feet, which might have been okay if there was a bit more heel shaping. As it was, they kept sliding down under my feet.

I  reused the Folksong yarn to make some house socks (Ravelry info here). They are nice and warm, and I will probably be making more pairs as I wear through these. Next time I will make the ribbing a bit longer to keep more of my leg warm.

Housemate and I made 2 versions of Vogue 8789!

We made a muslin of the bodice, and thought everything would be fine, so cut the fashion fabric (navy and red stripe). Housemate has a long torso and is a c-cup, so the bodice ended up hitting her about 3 inches above her waist. The darts were also crazy, so had to be adjusted. We finished up the machine sewing on that dress (there is some tacking of the facings to be done). It is just chillin’ for the moment.

Then we adjusted the pattern . Everything was laying nicely, so didn’t do an FBA, just added the length that was needed.

Vera Bradley Lemon Parfait

The next dress was a Vera Bradley Stripe from the Lemon Parfait colourway. The paisley is the smallest version, with plain grey alternating stripes. It ended up looking quite a bit like the pattern envelope, but in grey and yellow. Housemate wore it as an Easter dress and received many compliments.

I started work on my TNT dress (a rub-off of a Monsoon dress) in a blue, red and beige plaid. With all of the stripe matching on the Vogue pattern, the plaid was starting to drive me a bit mad, so it has been put aside for a little bit.

Housemate and I also started work on her Simplicity 1692 (view B). We made a muslin with some leftover fabric, which I had already made into a TNT dress and a simple gathered skirt for Housemate.

We adjusted the pattern for size, including the long torso adjustment. I thought we had added enough at the hips to make it a bit looser than is shown, but it ended up being a bit snug in a few places..including the bust. It looks like we might really need to do a FBA. We are going to try to save this first version, especially so we can test out the rest of the pattern steps. The side seams can be taken out a bit, and the tucks can be made a bit smaller, if necessary. Once we get the muslin finished, this shirt will be made in a lovely coral cotton lawn, very similar to the example shown on the envelope.

I haven’t gotten very far on my McCall’s 5094 muslin. It was cut out ages ago, and I have started sewing the straps and the skirt. Since the weather has been so cold, something this summery just isn’t getting me excited.  I do want to get it going, but it won’t be until after the TNT plaid dress and the 1940s blouse have been completed.

I think the next bit of knitting will be a cardigan. Probably the Miette. While I figuring out what yarn to use, I will finish up the second zigzag sock. Roll on Spring!


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